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Macquina Twilight Blend - 10 oz bag

Twilight Blend

A new blend. A dark blend. A delicious blend. This blend consists of more deeply roasted Central American and East African coffees to satisfy the coffee drinker who likes a richer, deeper taste to their coffee and wants the option of putting cream, milk and sugar without losing the structure or tastiness of the coffee. This is the darkest roast on Maquina’s menu - but it is by no means a French or Vienna Roast (meaning uber dark). We maintain the integrity of the coffee and offer a different experience but delicious none the less. Welcome to the dark side.

Notes: Creamy, Dark Chocolate, Burnt Caramel

Columbia, Santa Maria

Huila is one of Colombia’s southernmost coffee-producing departments and is home to its third-highest peak, the Nevado del Huila volcano. According to the FNC, the department accounts for around 18% of Colombia’s total coffee production and received an official Denomination of Origin status in 2013. This particular lot comes from Santa Maria, a town located in the northern part of Huila, not farm from the departmental capital of Neiva. The coffees from this region tend to have bright, sweet flavors. Notes: Apricot, Brown Sugar, Pear

Parts & Labor

This blend was created for sweetness, balance, and more sweetness. The blend of natural-processed Brazil and washed Ethiopia and Guatemalan coffees give this cup a creamy body with notes of chocolate and hints of dark cherry fruit and floral. This is a great choice for the person who just wants to drink an uncomplicated but delicious cup of coffee. It’s also great for espresso and any brewing you do at home. Notes: Dense cocoa, dark honey, floral, and hints of red fruit.

Macquina Twilight Blend - 10 oz bag

Brazil, Hirofumi

Fazenda Riacho das Varas is located in the city of Diamantina at the border of the in the Matas de Minas and Cerrado Mineiro coffee regions of Minas Gerais. Ricardo Hirofumi Yoshimatsu is the second generation of coffee producers in his family, continuing the work his parents began with much effort in 1975. At that time, the region was known as a prime agricultural zone well-suited to coffee production. Ricardo always believed it was possible to continue producing high-quality coffees. The love of coffee agriculture has motivated his efforts to find sustainable ways to add value to his production of coffee. 120 of the farm’s 122 hectares are planted with coffee at elevations between 1100 and 1200 meters above sea level. Notes: Nougat, Malted Chocolate, Creamy

Ethiopia, Bombe

Basha, his wife, and their two children own 3 hectares of coffee the Bombe village in Bensa, Sidama. The coffee grows under the shade of native trees in a forest. Basha and his family pick and process all of the coffee themselves. The cherries are placed on raised beds at their family home to dry for around one month. Basha grows the 74160 variety, which he got through the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre. This variety was selected from wild plants in the Metu-Bishari forest in the Illuababora zone in Western Ethiopia and is known to have very pronounced notes of citrus and floral. It is a beautiful, elegant, and refreshing cup of Ethiopian coffee. This is the kind of coffee that keeps me invigorated to keep roasting! Notes: Peach, Floral and Delicate

Macquina Twilight Blend - 10 oz bag

Columbia, Juantama Decaf

Juan Tama is a pioneering organization of indigenous communities in the municipality of Inza in the Cauca department. The Association of Authorities of the Territorial Council of Indigenous Peoples Juan Tama-Inzá represents eight indigenous communities - more than 600 specialty coffee-producing families - in the municipality of Inzá, Cauca, Colombia. Founded in 2008, the association encompasses 600 families with an estimated production of 10000 - 13000 bags of Excelso coffee. The association is dedicated to increasing organic and biodiverse food production and food autonomy with the goal of helping its member families enjoy prosperity. Notes: Cane Sugar, Sweet, Chocolate